ERISA, Health, HMO, Life and Disability Claims Litigation

Both managed care organizations and insurers that offer health, life, disability and accidental death policies seek Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young's counsel on ERISA-related matters. Primarily, we defend claims under employee benefit plans-and for breach of fiduciary duty.

Since the firm's inception, our attorneys have resolved hundreds of ERISA-related claims. In order to service our clients effectively throughout the country, we have developed our own network of counsel in approximately 40 states where we litigate in the federal district and circuit courts.

Insurers benefit from our established working relationships with nationally recognized experts. We have successfully litigated subscriber entitlement to "experimental care" under various forms of health insurance. We also litigate claims for benefits on insurance policies that are not governed by ERISA, including claims that involve allegations of bad faith and seek punitive damages. The firm has defended numerous class actions involving ERISA and state law claims prompted by benefit denials. When clients face cutting-edge issues involving ERISA preemption of claims against HMOs, other types of managed care plans and all categories of insured benefits, we advise and litigate on their behalf.

Though we have had the privilege of representing many of the major health, life and disability insurers throughout the country, we are sensitive to real and perceived conflicts among the competing interests of insurers, managed care organizations and providers of care.

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